[Bol] Kleenex tissues - The Original - Advantage pack - 6X2 pieces (duo box) €10.81 (46% off)

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[Bol] Kleenex tissues - The Original - Advantage pack - 6X2 pieces (duo box) €10.81 (46% off)

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Deal link: https://www.bol.com/nl/nl/p/kleenex-tis ... 071813841/
Price: €10.81

All facial tissues are not created equal. In fact, more people choose Kleenex Facial Tissue than any other brand. Kleenex tissue offers superior performance, a premium feel and essential softness. When your employees, clients and visitors see the respected Kleenex brand in your offices and restrooms, they'll know that you select quality products, putting forth the best image for your business. For more than 80 years, Kleenex has delivered the highest quality among facial tissues, providing consumers with smart innovations like an ultra-soft texture and a low-alert dispenser (the last 10 tissues are cream colored instead of white, so you know it's almost time for a new box). Choosing Kleenex lets everyone know that you care enough to provide the very best. You'll want to buy them in bulk!


  • Kleenex is the world's number one face tissue brand, trusted by more consumers than any other
  • The Kleenex brand face tissue has an 80 year history of excellence and high performance
  • Kleenex ® The Original tissues are made with a touch natural side to be soft and strong, you are ready for the day.
  • These bulk tissues are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified
  • The fibers used in Kleenex ® The Original tissues are 100% from sustainable sources

For daily use in and around the house, and great for your vehicles and cars.

Kleenex ® is committed to reducing plastic waste and making reuse easier. At the same time, Kleenex ® offers you the quality you are used to. As part of the Kleenex ® sustainability trip, they have replaced the plastic opening of all Kleenex ® The Original tissue boxes with a paper variant.

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